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Is English an universal language?英语算是通用语言吗?

发表于 2010-11-22 16:17:00 | 显示全部楼层
i'm very glad that more and more foreigners start to learn Chinese.
 楼主 发表于 2010-12-4 23:27:00 | 显示全部楼层
It is absolutely right for the whole world to get ready as China is catching up and become the main stream of world ecomony. However, what about the political system that is way behind, which will be a big and instant obstacle to the great momentum?
发表于 2010-12-13 18:56:00 | 显示全部楼层
China is in the pre-modern society, which will be a long time.
 楼主 发表于 2010-12-19 12:28:00 | 显示全部楼层

It's always been on my mind that if ever the Chinese Mandarin ever becomes the so-called universal language, would that be a exam-oriented education system or more of a communicative ones worldwide? Would you like other foreigners to come to China and/or in their own countries for test by test to get to certain "level" rather than communicating with each other worldwide to get the information delivered? What will the professional Chinese teachers here in CHINA plan to tell the world how the language is then taught or prepare all kinds of tests for the whole world??

7 @$ Q: |/ s# {" i0 X- H

我一直在想如果中国的普通话变成所谓的世界通用语言了,汉语教学方法会是应试教育吗,还是世界性的交际式的方法?你会让外国人在他们本国或来中国经历一个个的考试达到多少"级",还是让他们在世界范围内学会随心所欲地传达各类信息,达到交流的目的?到那时,在中国的专业汉语教师计划会向全世界宣布如何教授汉语, 还是为全世界准备各类考题??

发表于 2010-12-28 18:36:00 | 显示全部楼层

1.我第一次进课堂时 被学生投诉为发音有问题 听不懂 因我惯用英音~

* N) m$ y% Q- M7 M

   后改用美语 被学生赞为发音好听.......................悲哀

0 |) n5 s: n# E7 g: @: ]4 d# J


9 o# V+ x+ V8 U8 W$ N% J

2. 英音鼻音重 听起来确实比较生涩

, h6 Z; W3 N8 s6 k& n9 D4 B% \& E: C

   ~美语就像北京土话 说起来溜嗖 顺耳 呵呵 个人愚见

* S0 E( E/ O+ w4 ~% \. a8 f+ W


# x) `& P5 Q8 J# b9 c6 j

3. 什么时候美国听联合国的了 世界语就通用了~~~

: P" }6 U9 j7 x


; e9 T8 Y" ]$ ~, r2 i

4. 说实话 除了亚洲几个国家 真说学中文的 比如各学校选修课学中文的非华裔学生 很少很少

F) K: j9 i- |& T8 Y4 s


$ _+ V8 w: r% Y8 e) Y1 J. v* V


& B; X5 r$ X# I. b& y& @

5. 汉托咱们考估计能到9级就不容易~~有机会可以试试

发表于 2010-12-28 23:55:00 | 显示全部楼层
以下是引用vanish在2010-12-28 18:36:00的发言:
) ~2 H. t& H: }; q

1.我第一次进课堂时 被学生投诉为发音有问题 听不懂 因我惯用英音~

+ U8 v& C1 ~& a: d' X, d' }

   后改用美语 被学生赞为发音好听.......................悲哀

" \# I! r* D3 x3 T* Z; x


" @! Z2 x5 y( j

2. 英音鼻音重 听起来确实比较生涩

7 B. {6 b- X' D6 G/ ^9 Z6 S8 e9 Z

   ~美语就像北京土话 说起来溜嗖 顺耳 呵呵 个人愚见

* I2 g* i2 ], J$ Y! s


* ~. r$ F. Y( C2 {

3. 什么时候美国听联合国的了 世界语就通用了~~~

6 q( j7 O- k/ M7 Y8 F/ H8 f0 {5 Y- z


2 p6 N' m' V. j6 M

4. 说实话 除了亚洲几个国家 真说学中文的 比如各学校选修课学中文的非华裔学生 很少很少

/ V" f/ i& o) m% m4 ]+ D5 j2 A


) N0 E# E3 D: C/ C/ W


* ]; |4 q2 R9 b: r7 {$ u( R. J

5. 汉托咱们考估计能到9级就不容易~~有机会可以试试

) u# W9 Y7 y/ y$ o( C$ D


发表于 2010-12-29 00:00:00 | 显示全部楼层


0 Q8 n: x; p# v' P5 X1 {7 x. ]


发表于 2010-12-29 09:20:00 | 显示全部楼层

haha 我觉得还是那个道理

# }+ v, J" n4 U; c( D+ E: g


: S6 h9 x; k5 m3 x; o; Y0 ?

谁有钱谁有实力 谁就是老大~~~

1 q$ U5 U6 O7 }6 g# s$ i5 o


- b: U" F/ Y; s9 o' _

一种语言或是语音流行与否 取决于使用它得民族 

发表于 2010-12-29 11:41:00 | 显示全部楼层


3 m' F) j- J( w& R; j. }


 楼主 发表于 2011-1-1 23:59:00 | 显示全部楼层
以下是引用vanish在2010-12-29 9:20:00的发言:
2 Q: B* K& g6 y2 z) _$ B( `, X* |, V

haha 我觉得还是那个道理

- r2 ~0 Y: f3 Z1 t2 I5 H& T* ?$ r


6 v9 r. h0 R3 u8 F

谁有钱谁有实力 谁就是老大~~~

* V3 ~7 O/ S$ d% j0 U


: X& B. ^9 t; h- r" T) p, x

一种语言或是语音流行与否 取决于使用它得民族 

, e0 X! X6 _2 q0 S* |+ d' U: j+ C

The last one has re-confirmed the Esperento will never be popularized for the lack of a nation and its culture. 最后一句说明了没有民族和文化,世界语最终无法流行于世。

 楼主 发表于 2011-1-1 22:49:00 | 显示全部楼层

Well, well, well, whaaaat a big surprise to see another BANZHU who has been supposed to be VANISHED for years!!!

% x4 u$ o% o0 {8 ~

Happy New Yr. of Rabbit then. Welcome back along with the new year.

6 n6 Z% I. c3 p$ S6 C( _. m


- W1 R1 c8 E% i

1) Look like Vanish has been a teacher of English with both accents at her wish, why didn't you talk here with us in English, British and/or American, just to be terribly curious?

8 X, d0 X$ V& |


y9 `5 Q3 g& p7 O: F

2)I do have a lot more questions for you since you have been absent for so long at the forum.

) n. D* L4 Q# T, A* A% D- A' e, Q


4 u6 ?/ y% X+ K9 N& b) P

3) THE Esperento will never, according to the experts worldwide, become universal no matter whoever controls the United Nation for the lack of cultural and historical background.

3 Y& ?4 J/ N, u3 K5 f5 b4 G


! a* d {$ o& y W& Y


+ K: r1 ?6 ?- @: H- e/ |$ C7 [8 ^


2 i$ X _" m. D+ I( |

Anyway, I have no comments for anyone, native and non-native, who shares the best "Englishes" in speech and/or conversation, as long as they are good leaders for the whole world, so to speak.

" h) W8 B" y1 [# N6 [* b


" H" [# X: {3 v8 k3 v, T1 C5 z

Hope VANISH as a banzhu will stay here to manage the forum better than ever beginning in 2011.

# \: ^4 G+ i6 K9 c) F/ b# O$ n


% S& x" Q% F6 I8 ]" g0 f2 A

Again, Happy New Yr to everyone who pays attention to this forum.

% `. S# O, v, l, e; R N, a$ ^


 楼主 发表于 2011-1-2 18:10:00 | 显示全部楼层
以下是引用vanish在2010-12-28 18:36:00的发言:
8 w8 Y N% e; T+ h+ Z! V2 L8 q: u

1.我第一次进课堂时 被学生投诉为发音有问题 听不懂 因我惯用英音~

3 A) S; i. z9 e1 M

   后改用美语 被学生赞为发音好听.......................悲哀

4 H4 h/ g' |, [0 Q6 v0 R9 Z2 X


+ i( g) u3 s) m( b/ `$ S

2. 英音鼻音重 听起来确实比较生涩

1 y6 O( O5 p# @5 ]6 t) \

   ~美语就像北京土话 说起来溜嗖 顺耳 呵呵 个人愚见

. @2 [& S7 ^! \: o# @


; z' M+ B2 R" q% F2 l1 Y# E

3. 什么时候美国听联合国的了 世界语就通用了~~~

0 Y" j. a k5 G" s! r: u+ ?2 L+ N


/ S, N7 s! j% L

4. 说实话 除了亚洲几个国家 真说学中文的 比如各学校选修课学中文的非华裔学生 很少很少

% }7 \: ]0 O# B+ s( R# I


9 n2 [& D: _6 _% R# S S


9 {% r0 C# W, D) T0 x

5. 汉托咱们考估计能到9级就不容易~~有机会可以试试

6 B0 r7 y+ J% g8 f

Questions to 5: what is the Han Tuo? Where can I find a test and give it a try? It sounds very funny to me. But please advise.

发表于 2011-1-12 17:32:00 | 显示全部楼层

Sorry~~but I am not used to speaking in English out of class.

8 j" |. e# o/ j" n- v+ \6 N


8 y I5 x7 {+ Y; r

Han Tuo is what we call HSK~

7 \* X* l5 }" ^' z# g

Hope this website will help you http://www.hsk.org.cn/

6 x2 \* }9 q" a


4 H& y3 j% m) n0 |! j1 ^

I have been Banzhu Here for ~~days?(I'm not sure~)

+ |8 i9 H9 q5 ]$ O+ z2 b

Thank you for your advise

; j; ?$ b8 {3 w' C( R# K. `

I will fulfill my obligation from now on.

* C3 {! l; j9 z' g! r0 O5 k


- v% l7 k8 x. @& h# V

Ps: There is an example of HSK

: S' O# {4 }( Z2 O1 m4 d; X


发表于 2011-1-23 18:21:00 | 显示全部楼层
it's my first time to hear a test called "Hantuo". Haha, i'll try it.
 楼主 发表于 2011-2-2 09:45:00 | 显示全部楼层

This is one of the smart "made-in-China" types of translation copied from 1st part of T-O-EFL (托福) to sound more scholastic. It's called "基础汉语水平考试". However, it has NOT at all been recognized before the funny name Hantuo (汉托)is out there in the public.

! W( l) \+ x( }' J% G9 x& n

Happy New Yr. again, anyway!

 楼主 发表于 2011-2-5 02:22:00 | 显示全部楼层
以下是引用vanish在2011-1-12 17:32:00的发言:
) }4 l0 w9 x* l. S: T- ^$ x! O

Sorry~~but I am not used to speaking in English out of class.

5 u8 p8 k2 R4 m( R0 T M) B

Please take this forum as one of your English class. That way we all benefit and share from your instruction. Don't be shy about it. No one here is perfect, whatever British and/or American English you will   use. Nobody will hear the accent from you, anyway. Then you'll be able to keep leading the forum better and better as a qualified Banzhu. Hope this is not at all too much for you.

( A0 a* Y% Y3 r% K S3 f


发表于 2011-2-12 17:07:00 | 显示全部楼层

Just a forum, so do what you want.版主不能老不上线啊!

 楼主 发表于 2011-2-12 20:58:00 | 显示全部楼层

Exactly. Look at other hosts in other sections of "老北京网" who have set up very good examples for the perticipants to follow up with very active personal involvement accordingly. However, we are still here without a head, but very relaxed. Nope, our hosts still hang in there anyway, watching down and supervising us. We see them every time when we are online. Hi, it's rabbit year already!!

! d) c& j, T& P

确实是啊。看看“老北京网”其它板块的版主们,为参与者们树立了多好的榜样啊,使得他们人气兴旺,与情俱进。而我们坚守在此仍群龙无首, 倒也清闲自在。不对,版主还是盘挂上方,向下监督着我们呢。每次上网都见到他们的。你们好,兔年到了!!

 楼主 发表于 2011-2-19 10:23:00 | 显示全部楼层

I can't stop laughing for this. Anyway, this is Yr. of Rabbit, a New Yr. One of my new year resolutions  is NOT to bother and/or mind others' business which has nothing to do with me because I hate gossips. They might have their ideas in dealing with their surroundings. They deserve respect for the forum stillopen to the public.

6 S% H' \4 j6 t8 v \+ e: N

禁不住的大笑起来。不管怎么说,已经是兔年了,我今年的愿望之一就是少管他人的、对我来说的“闲事”, 同时我也讨厌流言蜚语。他们为人处世有自己的考量,对本论坛能持续向公众开放,他们应得到应有的尊重。

发表于 2011-2-18 18:15:00 | 显示全部楼层
Yes, maybe the BANZHU put a monitor here to scout us.
发表于 2011-2-23 03:12:00 | 显示全部楼层

另外,应该是 a universal language。或者lingua franca
 楼主 发表于 2011-2-23 23:54:00 | 显示全部楼层
以下是引用太液池在2011-2-23 3:12:00的发言:
从来没进这个版来。。。这是给老外看吗? ! f5 G$ W0 r6 {7 x" m9 F; p

5 ^3 c/ k- k" E+ S2 S1 F/ ?
另外,应该是 a universal language。或者lingua franca
# @: J H; t/ m, I

Thank you for your active role here. Any human being regardless of his/her race, gender, nationality   has a right to be here by law in a public forum unless s/he is unlawful including myself.

3 h6 b$ E2 e; @+ D

By the way, would you be kind enough to tell us what's right with "a universal language"? I would be   humble to take it if so.

2 m& x5 `) y8 K6 X


/ g$ N$ ]' c ?8 h

另外,您能否为我们解释一下为什么“应该是 a universal language。”(英语的)?如果是,我愿欣然接受。

; Y, i. @2 D" w- T


发表于 2011-2-24 01:11:00 | 显示全部楼层
u 读做 ju: 时算辅音开头,不用an。如a university, an ultimatum
发表于 2011-2-23 17:40:00 | 显示全部楼层
 楼主 发表于 2011-3-2 00:59:00 | 显示全部楼层
发表于 2011-3-1 22:21:00 | 显示全部楼层
yes, it depends on whether it is a vowel or a consonant. For the consonant /j/, of courese the article "a" will be used.
 楼主 发表于 2011-3-1 22:38:00 | 显示全部楼层

Is the 1st letter of UNIVERSITY a vowel or consonant? Is it pronounced /yiu/优 or /jiu/究 ?

) z4 e! Q4 ]! j/ K


6 `0 o {; ^/ L4 c0 [

究niversity or 优niversity ?

发表于 2011-3-1 22:44:00 | 显示全部楼层
here u is pronounced as /ju:/, the initial phoneme is /j/, the consonant which is called "semivowel" consonant by some experts.
发表于 2011-3-1 22:55:00 | 显示全部楼层
发表于 2011-3-2 08:28:00 | 显示全部楼层
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